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Emotional intelligence is the ability to consider the logical and emotional aspects of any situation before making a decision.


Because it improves the quality of life and helps children become the best version of themselves. They learn to try smarter if they fail & to be humble if they win. They learn to take good decisions.


Best age to start focussing on EQ is once a child turns 3 and up to 13, these 10 years of EQ focussed development ensures lifelong benefits for the child.

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Enhanced Creativity

Better Academic Performance




Positive Conflict Resolution

Better Communication Skills

Improved Leadership Qualities

“Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives.”

~ Thomas Berry


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Activity Box

Peas in a pod


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Letters from Bhagavad Gita


Books > Paperback

Taming The Angry Lion


Books > Paperback

Kanha Learns Honesty!


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Five Brave Puppies


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Luv & Kush


Books > Paperback

Tim's Adventure to the north



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Raise a courageous failure

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When I opened the Taming the Angry box, I immediately knew I got what I was looking for. I was especially excited to read the book with Samar as I too wanted to calm my angry lion. I was surprised as he listened carefully and connected with the book easily. As it is written by a mom, it has that mom thing. The story is very easy to understand, to the point words, perfect illustrations and color. Very nice idea for the activity box, keep up the good work. I am with you!!

- Greeshma, Samar’s mom (5 years old)

Swati, please take a bow. We are your fans from today. Your book Raavayana is the most terrific take on Ramayan one can ever come across. We possess more than a 1000 books, but this one has left an imprint. It’s a must have for all moms. It has left us overwhelmed with emotions. :)

- Rashie

It’s beautiful to see both my children engaged and learning something wonderful. My son is a bit reserved, but by the end of the class I saw him opening up. The techniques taught are unique, especially the anger management ones. It has not only helped my kids but also inspired me to react in a better way while angry.  

- Mayura, Ayaan(8 Years) & Miraya's(5 Years) Mom

Anaisha is enjoying the classes and I love the way they are conducted. It is amazing to see how practically and easily the concepts like anger management, kindness, leadership, etc are taught. Classes are also engaging, like for the first class, she was saying she doesn’t want to do, but by the time it ended she was totally engaged and did all the activites. Now she is waiting and looking forward for the next session

- Anjali, Anaisha's Mom (6 Years Old)


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